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The original Eucryl Tooth powder has an incredible cleaning power that comes from its fine powder which has a natural abrasive action and requires no hard brushing. Creating dazzling smiles since 1900, Eucryl Tooth powder provides a unique polishing action that leaves teeth bright, clean and feeling really smooth. Lifestyles may have changed, but Eucryl Original continues to tackle the stains caused by smoking or drinking tea, coffee or red wine. Directions: Wet toothbrush and shake off surplus water. Press into powder. Brush your teeth in the way your dentist recommends. For powerful stain removal its only necessary to use Eucryl Tooth powder once or twice a week in addition to your usual toothpaste. Warnings: Avoid use on damaged teeth. Always replace the lid and press firmly to close to preserve freshness. Not recommended for children.

Eucryl Toothpowder Original 50 G

SKU: k0104
  • Medicines are non refundable. Any other unopened product has to be returned within 48 hours of receving the product in order to receive a refund.
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