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Folic acid is very important for the formation of red blood cells. Folate is required during the period of infancy or pregnancy for the rapid cell division. It povides important nutrient to help protect against anaemia at all ages. Folic Acid is recommended for women who are trying to conceive or are already in their first trimester, women who suffer from heart problems and those who have low red blood cell count. Folic Acid is a member of the B group of vitamins and is used in the body for the production of nucleic acids and DNA. It helps in the utilisation of sugar, amino acids and the division of body cells.

HealthAid Folic Acid 90 Tablets

SKU: k0311
  • Medicines are non refundable. Any other unopened product has to be returned within 48 hours of receving the product in order to receive a refund.
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