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Shower Gel lather 4711 to awaken the body with an injection of pure energy. The formulation of cooling the body cools and cleans without stripping it of its natural oils, and softens the skin with a large amount of essential oil extracts. The Shower Gel twinkles with a cascade of citrus notes, which work to refresh the senses. Essential oils have an effect and recharge aromatheraputic of mind with every use. Until then bubbly foam in the shower for a quick and convenient recharge refreshing scent 4711, and feel the spicy aroma of bergamot, lemon, lavender and neroli.

4711 Shower Gel (200 ml)

SKU: k0348
  • Medicines are non refundable. Any other unopened product has to be returned within 48 hours of receving the product in order to receive a refund.
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