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Helps repair the skin barrier for 24 hours Soothes very dry and itchy skin Emollient therapy cream Pharmacy Skincare Product of the Year 2019 Pharmacy Product of the Year 2019 Eczema Repair Cream E45 Eczema Repair is specifically designed to repair the skin barrier and keep it moisturised for 24 hours. It features a triple-action formula designed to treat symptoms of eczema. It contains a high level of humectants to draw water in. Its occlusive agents to help reduce water loss. Omega fatty acids which may help support the integrity of the skin. Use liberally and frequently, at least 2 to 3 times a day onto skin. Its non-steroidal formula soothes very dry and itchy skin.

E45 Eczema Repair Cream - 200 ml

SKU: k0210
  • Medicines are non refundable. Any other unopened product has to be returned within 48 hours of receving the product in order to receive a refund.
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