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This supplement contains 4 high quality strains of live cultures, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus Rosell-52, all proven to survive to reach the gut alive and to survive in warmer, more humid climates. What's more, the particular strains in this live culture supplement have been shown to survive at higher temperatures, making this a suitable travel companion for destinations with hotter, more humid climates than that of the UK. The high-quality nature of this supplement gives travelers the increased confidence to enjoy their holidays anxiety-free. Make this shelf-stable and cabin friendly product your travel essential for far-flung locations such as Egypt, India, and Thailand.

OptiBac Probiotics for Travelling Abroad

SKU: l0010
£11.99 Regular Price
£8.99Sale Price
  • Medicines are non refundable. Any other unopened product has to be returned within 48 hours of receving the product in order to receive a refund.
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